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Nico Rosberg 30 years old. Mercedes GP Petronas #6
2º in WDC. 322 points.
Best '15 position: 1º
Nico's results

Apr 17, 2008

Nico Rosberg Biography

The June 27th in 1985, the son of the F1 former champion in 1982 Keke Rosberg and his wife Sina, Nico Rosberg, was born in Wiesbaden.
He spent a lot of time in Monaco with his family, and they usually spent their holidays in Ibiza, and nowadays he is still living there.
Rosberg speaks fluently german, english, french, italian and he studies spanish but he just speaks a little bit of finnish, although he is learning this language.
He has the german and finnish nationality, and he used to compete under both flags in the beginning of his racing career. But now like all FIA championships, his nationality is defined by the passaport. Nico drives under the german flag in F1.

Before F1:

1996-2004: Junior Formulae.

Nico started his racing career when he was seven years old taking part in the Regional Côte d'Azur mini-kart, he became champion.
In 1997, continuing his trayectory in karts, Nico took the first position in the French mini-kart.
In 1998, joining to all this championships the North American ICA Junior Karting.
1999: he occuped the 4th position in the ICA Junior European Karting Championship and participating in the Italian ICA Junior Karting Championship.
2000 and 2001: he runner up in the Formula A European Karting Championship and the Super A World Karting Championship.
2002: Nico made his debut in the german Formula BMW Championship finishing in the fisrt position in nine times of the 20 races (20 races. 9 wins. 5 pole positions. 13 podiums. 1 fastest lap, team VIVA Racing,264 points, team-mate: Christian Bakkerud). He becomes the Formula BMW Champion and wininig a test with the F1 team BMW Williams an important milestone is his racing career, due to this he got a seat in his father’s team of F3 euroseries. Where he won a race and he was the second rookie in this season.
A year later, in the same series, he had a better season results than 2003. In 2004 he won in three times and finished the season in 4th position.

2005: GP2- ART Grand Prix.

Nico declined one place in the Imperial College London for an Aerodinamics course to join in the french team, ART Grand Prix. In the new series he had like a teammate the french driver Alexandre Premat and althouhg the first part of the season was a little bir hard, his luck changed and he won the second race in the French GP.
He took the GP2 leadership in the Belgium GP, when just remain one race.
Bahrain GP, a place unforgettable for Nico. He won both races and he was the first GP2 champion in 2005.

F1: 2002- present.

2002: His first F1 test.

In 2002, on December 3rd, Nico became in the youngest driver in the F1 history. It was in Barcelona, Montmelo, after winning german Formula BMW Championship. The BWM Williams F1 team offered him a test. He was 17 years old and after 38 laps he said: “The step from 140BHP to 930 BHP was just amazing. It felt like a rocket, something like a computer game because everything kept coming and going at an unreal velocity. Now I don’t want to drive anything else.”

2003: Nelson Piquet and Nico Rosberg together in one test.

During the winter, Nico and Nelson had been testins the BMW Williams F1 car in Jerez (circuito permanente de Jerez). Both fathers, Keke Rosberg and Nelson Piquet were there seeing their sons.

2005: Official F1 test driver.

In 2005 Nico was announced as a BMW Williams test driver. He had been in some test during the season, Silverstone, Jerez... and in the same time he drove his GP2 car. He had been in the family photo in China.

2006: His first season as an official driver.

After having the best score in the history of Engineering Aptitude test, Williams officially confirmed as a driver Nico Rosberg for 2006.

During the winter of 2005, Nico completed his first tests under the watchful eye of his father in the various Spanish circuits (Montmelo, Cheste and Jerez) to be submitted as a driver during the launch of the FW28 at Grove. The single –seater was powered by Cosworth (CA2006 2.4 V8)
His first race was in Bahrain, which suffered even a minor incident at the start and he had to come to pit and change the frot wing, He scored his first two points finishing in 7th position in the race. Thus becoming the youngest driver to achieve score points in a race (Vettel becomes in the youngest in the U.S GP with BMW-Sauber) and also the youngets driver to get a fast lap (he still keeps this record).

During the season with an uncompetitive car, and quite inconsistent with many broken downs of the Cosworth engine he could hardly do more throughout the season. Mention his third place from which he stared in the Malasyan GP, but he was unable to finish this race because his engine broke down. Another of his perfonrmances, was one of teh best, in the European GP an Nürburgring he started from the last position in the grid and he crossed the chequered flag in seventh place, scoring two more points
In the Brazilian GP Nico suffered a serious accident, and this race was the last for the Cosworth engine in F1.

Both, he and his team-mate the Australian driver Mark Webber, Had little opportunity to get points, and the teras continued in an uncompetitive car, they did everything that they could. Nico finished in 17th position in the drivers Championship in 2006 with four points.
He competed under number 10 during the season.

2007: His second season in F1. A star began to shine.

Following the signing of Mark Webber for Red Bull, his new team.mate became the Austrian driver Alex Wurz. And Nico got his new rule as first driver for the British team.
And the new engine supplier for the team based in Grove became Toyota (RVX-07 2.4 V8). And even during the pre-season the car appeared to be strong , but the start of the season was a little disappointed just in the first part of the season, after that the team seemed to wake up, and Rosberg began to shine.
In Australia, Nico did a great race, and a great overtaking to Ralf Schumacher, Nico fisnished in 7th position and scored two points for Williams. From the joy of Australia to the disappointed of Malasya, which could also include the U.S, having broken his Toyota engine a few laps at the end in the point’s zone.
The following races weren’t too god, until GP of Spain, wher he got the best position so far, he finished in the 6th place with three points.
During the race in Monaco (where Williams car is usually good there) stressed his qualyfing in the fifth position but because the race incidents he couldn’t put the icing of the cake on that occasion and left his carrer home without any point.
In the following GP weren’t so good for Nico, as the team had a podium with Alex Wurz in Canada, where Rosberg race was quite unlucky with the safety car out.
It was not until Hungary his return to the point’s zone, a 7th position which he repeated in Turkey. Another four points to his box in the drivers Championship.
In Italy and Belgium, he crossed the chequered flag in 6th position, having to praise his race in Belgium, because of their brilliant overtaking, and his performance in general during the all Grand Prix.
After his electronic failure in Japan and his discrete race in China (where Williams isn’t very competitive) the last GP where in Brazil.
In that race, Nico signed his best result in F1 so far, finishing in fourth position after overtaking both BMW into two great maneuvers.
Nico finished in the drivers Championships in 9th place with a total of 20 points.
The Nico’s FW29 competed under number 16 during 2007.

2008: The year of consolidation. The first podium of his career.

New season, new rules and new partner. 2008 brought the demise of traction control and Kazuki Nakajima (although he had participated in the 2007 Brazilian GP). The year of the celebrating the great issues of the Williams F1 team. A year promised to be happy for the British team. The FW30 seemed that it could maintain the level of the FW29 and further rooms in the constructors championship, would also give the possibility to enter Nico points with more consistency.

The season started well, the first podium in F1 Nico, Australia will be unforgettable for all their followers. After a crazy race Rosberg finished third and climbed the last step of the podium.
But the joy lasted little. Malaysia, after the tire problems by not getting enough grip with the new asphalt, brought back to the team's disappointment as none of the drivers were able to score any point. Bahrain got a point. In Spain and even in the points, a broken engine made good race Nico, had a bad end.
The Turkish GP returned to the points for the Williams driver.
During his home GP, that is Monaco, gave a great performance throughout the GP, but an accident, as he himself acknowledged his fustró and achieving some reward.
In Canada, another driver mistake, this time in the pitlane and with the famous lights made their chances for the GP were reduced to nothing. After this "incident" as both Nico and Lewis, were penalized 10 positions for the next GP in France.
The following races were not very good for the Williams car, which was very little competition, not to say anything. And while Nico is fighting to bring the points, it was quite complicated.
Until the GP of Europe in the new street circuit in Valencia, did not point any more.
The season did not seem as good as painting after the GP of Australia ...
After two other GP without getting points, while Italy had many chances, but the strategy was not very successful Williams, arrived the first night GP season: Singapore.
Nico had qualified 9th, after a twist of fate and the Piquet crash against the wall, managed to head. A shame that the commissioners, having entered the pitlane to refuel when it was closed, the stewards punished him with a Stop & Go, which relegated him to stay in second position. Were it not for that penalty, he had been in the top of the podium.
The second position was the best so far. Nico’s second podium in this season.
The end of the season there is not much to highlight the pace of the FW30 was not appropriate in any of the three restant races. And he never score any point in any race. Although it is some of the remarkable overtakings made by Rosberg in the three grand prizes.

Nico finished the season with 17 points and 13th position in the drivers championship.

The 2008 season ended, giving way to 2009, with the new regulations could be there perhaps Williams and give up the possibility of Nico a constant rate and shine. And why not get his first victory.

The FW30 Nico carried throughout the season the dorsal 7.

2009: The decisive year. New rules, new hope.

The new rules introduced by the FIA for this year's Formula One championship brought new hope for the Grove team, and therefore for the German driver. During the offseason, the FW31 was competitive and reliable. Not a single problem with the Toyota engine. And with its drivers, Nico Rosberg, Kazuki Nakajima and Nico Hulkenberg happy with its performance. After many rumors about the legality of the double diffusers, and other standards that the FIA wanted to introduce at the last minute, finally reached the expected date. The first Grand Prix of the season, the Grand Prix of Australia. In which shone Nico own free for all but on reaching the qualifying and the race was not all that well. The tires on the final stint did not work very well and lost many positions. But he finished sixth and had three points. From Australia the world had its next meeting in Malaysia.
In this race, in which it rained everything he wanted and more, Nico made a brilliant start taking the first corner first. But the strategy, bad choice of tires due to the changing climate, Nico dragged into the eighth position and the absence of route 75% of the test added only half the point.
In China, there is a track very conducive to Williams, this year also did well. A start with the safety car, and a very unfortunate race for Nico. Nothing went right. And its final position in the race was 15 degrees.
Bahrain, the car was competitive, and careers, such as just how it started, ninth to the gates of the points. And that was the most loaded was on the top ten. Two races to forget ...
The Grand Prix of Spain returned to the F1 championship in Europe again. All equipment brought improvements for this race, and as usual the FW31 was competitive in the free, but in qualifying and race performance was down significantly. One point for eighth place was their reward.
The following quote, the most glamorous of all the calendar, the great prize for the street circuit of Monaco, the home Grand Prix Nico. Everything is different during the week of this race, soccer games, the drivers make models and everything is nice and expensive. To tell the truth to the Williams cars have always gone well, and this year too. Nico qualified sixth, but was blocked by Barrichello on a flying lap and the race, with its great overtaking Massa and Vettel, ended as he came out, but we keep looking forward to something better.
In Turkey, Nico got a great fifth place, ahead of Massa on track again, repeating this same result in Britain. Although during the English test could have gotten something else if Rubens had not had such a slow pace during the period following his first stop. But fifth place is not bad. Four races, four times in the points.
After a bad qualifying with changing conditions, Nico and Williams had nothing to lose for the Grand Prix of Germany, home to the German. Started from the 15th position and finished 4th a great reward and great prize 5th consecutive scoring. A great performance from Nico during the race, wonderful output and 5 more points to his locker.
During the Hungarian Grand Prix after qualifying in the 5th position of the grid, Nico got a solid 4th position with which clinched 5th in the Drivers' Championship after pilots Brawn GP and Red Bull.
In the European Grand Prix German driver got another 4 points being 5th at the end of the race after leaving the 7th. After battling with Alonso for maintaining the position and trying to overtake Kovalainen in the latter part of the race. Another great performance from Williams driver this season and 7th consecutive scoring grand prize.
In Belgium, although the car was very good, Nico running to score again in the eighth.
A GP from a slump that took its toll on Williams and Nico, Monza circuit due to the nature of the Grove team's car was not very good, in Singapore a stupid mistake to leave the pitlane had his options might disappear. In Japan, the German driver returned to the points for fifth place and after a qualifying race and a fairly rough and many penalties.
The last two races of the year Brazil and Abu Dhabi on williams was not very good because at Interlagos had to retire due to a problem in the gearbox, not finished his first race of the season and Yas Marina can only be in the ninth.
After this race Nico Williams says goodbye after four seasons as an officer and a driver as a test driver. The end of a period.
Thanks Williams!

The FW31 with the number 16 was 7º on WDC with 34.5 points

2010: The big step.

He left behind the Grove team and went on to Brackley. Frank Williams moved to Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher for Nakajima. A major challenge in sight. Finally made the jump to a team with possibilities to fight for the championship. Much is said about Nico in the winter season, but the point came with the first races, edged teammate Nico for the first Grand Prix.

Nico in Bahrain in addition to being in front of Michael at all sessions of training and qualification, was also ahead of Schumacher in the race with a fifth.

This dynamic was repeated in Australia, but for a free practice Schumacher was ahead of Nico in the race the young German was ahead of Michael (who had an incident at the start that relegated it to the last positions) crossing the finish line again with a fifth.

During the Grand Prix of Malaysia and China, in addition to being ahead of his teammate off during qualifying in Malaysia, clocked the second fastest time in China the fourth. But best of those races, which made the podium in both. In Malaysia could not contain Sebastian Vettel and was in third place for much of the race and finished in the bottom drawer of the podium. In China, the race was something rare, rain appeared and went, Nico and his team came up with good strategy, but it was a shame the small and Button made it on ahead. Another third place in the Chinese track and the second Mercedes GP podium this season were the outcome of that race. Nico's second consecutive podium finish, fourth in his career.
After the joy of the two podiums in the Asian races, was the bucket of cold water from the Spanish GP, the car did not work as intended, and Nico could not even score, which it did in Monaco, but did not go as we all wanted , but managed a creditable 7th place.
Both in Turkey and Canada, the mercedes returned to their post positions, and include Nico's race in Canada, that coming from the 10 th position over 6 º.
Back in Europe, in the Valencia street circuit, the car did not respond very well, and was again out of the points, but due to some penalties to finish the race, Nico got a point. But things changed to get the British Grand Prix, the final podium of the season for Mercedes and Nico, after a great race, Nico managed to climb the last step of the podium at the British circuit.
In Germany, the car was not as in the previous Grand Prix, but at least managed to get into the points, leaving 8 º.
In Hungary, well, we all know what happened in Hungary put a wheel wrong and the race finished for Nico and sent to the hospital a Williams’ mechanic. The first Nico DNF after Brazil 2008, ended his streak of 29 races across the checkered flag.
The following three GP were better after the thud of Hungary, a 6 th place in Belgium after a great race, ahead of his teammate in a great overtaking, and two 5 th places in Italy and Singapore.
In the coming races, Japan and Korea, Nico was again two retirements at Suzuka another problem with the wheel and in Korea it was Mark Webber who crush with Nico’s car.
In the last two races in Brazil made a big comeback starting from the 13 th position and ending with 6, and Abu Dhabi finished off the season with a very good race and a great 4 th position.
Nico finished 7th in the WDC, ahead of his teammate, with 142 points. His number was the 4.

Career Highlights:
1996 Regional Côte d'Azur mini-kart Champion
1997 French mini-kart Champion
1998 North American ICA Junior Karting Champion
1999 Runner-up, Italian ICA Junior Karting Championship 4th ICA Junior European Karting Championship
2000 Runner up, Formula A European Karting Championship
2001 Super A World Karting Championship
2002 Formula BMW ADAC Champion, 9 wins
2003 F3 Euro-series, 2nd in Rookie Category, 1 win
2004 F3 Euro-series, 4th overall, 3 wins
2005 GP2 Series Champion with the ART Grand Prix Team, WilliamsF1 Team official test driver
2006 FIA Formula One World Championship with the WilliamsF1 Team 17º (4 pts)
2007 FIA Formula One World Championship with AT&T Williams 9º (20 pts)
2008 FIA Formula One World Championship with AT&T Williams 13º (17 pts)
2009 FIA Formula One World Championship with AT&T Williams 7º (34.5 pts)
2010 FIA Formula One World Championship with Mercedes GP 7º (142 pts)
2011 FIA Formula One World Championship with Mercedes GP 7º (89 pts)
2012 FIA Formula One World Championship with Mercedes GP

Formula One Statistics to Date:

Formula One debut: 2006 Bahrain GP
GP starts: 108
Victories: -
Pole positions: -
Podiums: 5
Fastest laps: 2 (Bahrain GP 2006, Australian GP 2009)
Total Points: (2006: 4, 2007: 20, 2008: 17, 2009: 34.5, 2010: 142, 2011: 89)

Nico Rosberg at A Glance

Date of birth: 27th June 1985, Wiesbaden (Germany)
Lives: Monaco
Nationality: German/Finnish
Marital status: Single
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 73kg (66kg now)
Favourite food: Pasta Aglio Olio
Personal car: Audi RS6, Audi RS4, Mercedes A C63
Parents: Keke Rosberg y Gesine Dengel* (Sina Rosberg).
School: International School of Nice ISN(Graduate in 2002).
Favourite music: 3 Doors down, Nickelback, Beatles, U2, Red hot chilli peppers, Kings of Leon...
Scares: The heigths.
F1 hero: Mika Hakkinen.
Fisioterapeutist: Oliver Fengler* (2006-2010) Kai(2009-2009)* Daniel Schloesser (2010-....) *.
Public Relations Manager: Georg Nolte
Track engineer: Tony Ross(2006-2009)*
Jock Clear (2010-....) and his assistant race engineer is Riccardo Musconi(2010-....) *.
Hobbies: Soccer, climbing, backgammon
Website: www.nicorosberg.com
Nico's street cars: Audi RS6, Audi RS4, Mercedes A C63, Fiat 500 Abarth Turbo


Stats before 2002:

1996 Competing in France
1st, League Cote d`Azur

1997 1st, Trophe de France
1st, Trophe Jerome Bernard
2nd, Trophe de France des Constructeurs

1998 Competing internationally - ICA Junior
One Win, Italien Open Championship
2x 3rd , Italien Open Championship

1999 Competing internationally - ICA Junior
1st, Angerville (France)
2nd, South Garda
2nd, Italien Open Championship
German Open Championship
European Championship
Pole Postion, 4th, Angerville (France)

2000 Team mbm.com, Formula A
Italien Open Championship
2nd,European Championship
1st, CIK Race, Braga (Portugal)
World Championship, Braga (Portugal)

2001 Team mbm.com, Formula Super A
Super A World Championship
Italien Open Championship/ Formula A

2003: F3 Euroseries (8º at Driver's championship, 2º best rookie 102 points, team-mate Andreas Zuber)

2004: F3 Euroseries (4º at Driver's Championship, Team-mate Andreas Zuber)

2005 GP2 Series, Art Grand Prix

Position: 1 (120 points)23 races. 5 wins. 4 pole positions. 12 podiums. 5 fastest laps.
Team: ART
Car: Dallara GP2 (Renault)

Pole Position for race 1: 2 points
Race 1: Top 8 finishers score points: 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Fastest Lap Race 1: 1 point

Race 2: Top 6 finishers score points: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Fastest Lap Race 2: 1 point

2006 F1: Williams F1 team

2007 results: F1, Williams F1 team

2008 results: F1, Williams F1 team

2009:Williams F1 team

2010:Mercedes GP Petronas

Result sumary:

race summary

* IMPORTANT NOTE: This biography was compiled and written by me, so if you decide to pick it up, at least put the link of this blog because I would not like to found it out there after all the time invested in it. Thank you.

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