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Nico Rosberg 30 years old. Mercedes GP Petronas #6
2º in WDC. 322 points.
Best '15 position: 1º
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Apr 29, 2008

Sobre mí, About me, À propos de moi

The original idea.
All this began in April of 2008, when I was talking with one friend about the Nico’s sites on Internet. And I decide to make one to support him. At the beggining I just wrotte in Spanish but with the time i decide to translate it to English and French.

The first months
It was hard during the first months, without any idea of informatic terms. But everyday I learnt a little bit more about the site and blog world. For these reason I decide to make a new site version. I hope you like it.

The translate decision.
After three months writting in Spanish I decided to translate everything to English and French. Knowing that others fans who didn’t speak Spanish want to read all the news about his favourite F1 driver. I’m still getting better in both languages, so please if you see any misspelling, say it and I will put it well.

I just want to thank all the people who visit this blog/site and all the people who have helped me all this time. Step by step; day by day; this site is growing a little bit more.

About me:

Nuka, labaru or despistada.
I’m just a Nico’s fan since 2005 when I started to watch GP2 series on TV. Since this moment I began to support Nico in all the races, and I celebrated his GP2 championship with a lot of joy.
I’m from Cantabria, in the nord of Spain, between Asturias and Pais Vasco. And my first F1 experience was the Spanish GP 2009.
You can find me also in twitter, youtube, myspace, fotolog and facebook (if you want to agree me as a friend, send me an email, and I will give you my facebook profile.
If you want, to ask me something or want to tell your F1 experience in this blog you can or whatever (if you want my msn), writte me to nicorosbergunofficial@gmail.com or nuka@nicorosbergunofficial.com and I will answer you as soon as I can.
I hope you enjoy your visit!



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