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Nico Rosberg 30 years old. Mercedes GP Petronas #6
2º in WDC. 322 points.
Best '15 position: 1º
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May 26, 2011

Monaco GP - Wednesday press conference

Q: Nico, very much a home race. Your school is next door to the paddock.

Nico ROSBERG: Yeah, it is always very, very special to race here. It is the city I grew up in and my school is one floor above I think, if I am not wrong. Just here.

Q: They are still waiting for you, I think?

NR: It is nice. I really enjoy the track too. I think it is a fantastic track and I have always gone well here so I think we can do really well this weekend.

Q: What’s the secret? What’s the policy that you have? You said aggressive and precise?

NR: Yeah, it is the combination between the two really. You have to be very aggressive on a street circuit like this and at the same time you cannot afford any mistakes. You need be very precise with the way you are putting the car. It is something I really enjoy.

Q: Your best qualifying is fifth around here and sixth for the last three years I think?

NR: Sixth in the last three years?

Q: Yes, I think so.

NR: Okay, so now it is time to make a big jump forward.

Q: How far?

NR: We will see, but it is definitely possible as the qualifying from the past years I was quicker than where I eventually qualified so if it all goes together I think we will definitely be further forward. Then in the race anything is possible with a lot of pit stops and everything this year with the tyres.

Q: That’s the point isn’t it, anything is possible? It is no longer predictable or goes according to the formbook does it?

NR: Yeah, even for a track like Monaco now the race will open up things a lot.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat) Nico, both father and son have never won the Monaco Grand Prix. If you do it, would that give something extra to you to celebrate that with Keke?

NR: No, not at all. It would just be special in its own way. Not comparing to my father in any way. It would be nice if we both won here, that would be great.

Q: (Frederic Ferret – L’Equipe) To all of you, Monaco is also special because you don’t drive on Friday. Do you like that and do you have a routine for what you do on Friday?

NR: For me it’s fine (as it is); a quick engineer meeting but then straight to the pool with friends and have a good time and relax. It’s nice like that too.

Q: (Marco degli Innocenti – La Gazzetta dello Sport) For you all, qualifying seems to be most exciting but not so important. Would you suggest changing the system again and maybe to come back to the system of some years ago with only one lap, to make it more exciting?

NH: Well, the reason why qualifying might not be as important as in the past any longer is nothing to do with the way qualifying is now, in three sessions. It’s down to the tyres, why some teams over the last few races chose to save some tyres. I think the way qualifying is now with the three sessions, down to ten cars at the end is good, but we have to see if we want to have it the way it is now, that people chose not to go onto the quicker tyres.

NR: Same as Nick.

Q: (Ian Parks – Press Agency) I don’t know if you are aware but there was a huge lorry fire down at turn one last night and they’ve had to replace a very large section of tarmac there, going into the apex and it’s in the braking zone as well. I just wondered if any of you have been down there and viewed it at all, and if you haven’t, your thoughts on it, how dangerous it might be?

NR: It might just make the tarmac more oily or something because it’s so fresh, than the other tarmac around and that could be a bit of an issue.

Q: (Silvia Rene Arias – Parabrisas Magazine, Argentina) We know now that overtaking is possible; I want to know what you think about overtaking here on such a narrow track, Monaco? What’s going to happen?

NR: I think the tyres could be very interesting this weekend, and if they degrade a lot, that will definitely increase the amount of overtaking that we see.

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