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Nico Rosberg 30 years old. Mercedes GP Petronas #6
2º in WDC. 322 points.
Best '15 position: 1º
Nico's results

Apr 2, 2015

British GP race

1. F. Alonso Renault 1:25:51.927
2. M. Schumacher Ferrari +13.951
3. K. Raikkonen McLaren +18.672 +4.721
4. G. Fisichella Renault +19.976 +1.304
5. F. Massa Ferrari +31.559 +11.583
6. JP. Montoya McLaren +1:04.769 +33.210
7. N. Heidfeld BMW +1:11.594 +6.825
8. J. Villeneuve BMW +1:18.299 +6.705
9. N. Rosberg Williams +1:19.008 +0.709
10. R. Barrichello Honda +1 Lap
11. J. Trulli Toyota +1 Lap
12. D. Coulthard Red Bull +1 Lap
13. V. Liuzzi Toro Rosso +1 Lap
14. C. Klien Red Bull +1 Lap
15. C. Albers MF1 Racing +1 Lap
16. T. Monteiro MF1 Racing +2 Laps
17. T. Sato Super Aguri +3 Laps
18. F. Montagny Toyota +3 Laps
Did not finish
19. J. Button Honda +51 Laps
20. S. Speed Toro Rosso +59 Laps
21. R. Schumacher Toyota +60 Laps
22. M. Webber Williams +60 Laps

Nico Rosberg
“It’s pretty disappointing pushing the whole race and coming away with nothing. I gained several places on the start, moving from twelfth to ninth, but later on in the race I was surprised not to get ahead of Villeneuve. He came out of the pits in front of me after his second pit stop despite me really pushing on my out lap. Anyway, I think from my point of view this was a useful race for me, adding to my experience of Formula One and each weekend gets easier for me. That said, it’s difficult to accept not achieving something because when I had a good race in my earlier career it meant I had either won or was on the podium! Looking ahead, I am confident it’s going to be better for us in Montreal and Indy which are different tracks to here and hopefully better suited to us.”

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