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Nico Rosberg 30 years old. Mercedes GP Petronas #6
2º in WDC. 322 points.
Best '15 position: 1º
Nico's results

Nov 12, 2015

European GP race 1

1. Heikki Kovalainen Arden 33 laps 1hr 01m 43.066s
2. Giorgio Pantano Super Nova +1.832secs
3. Nico Rosberg ART +24.953secs
4. Alex Premat ART +40.520secs
5. Nelson Piquet Jr Hitech Piquet +41.160secs
6. Neel Jani Racing Engineering +49.037secs
7. Clivio Piccione Durango +49.138secs
8. Gianmaria Bruni Coloni +54.299secs

9. Ryan Sharp DPR +67.919secs
10. Mathias Lauda Coloni +68.692secs
11. Hiroki Yoshimoto BCN +77.472secs
12. Nicolas Lapierre Arden +79.997secs
13. Jose Maria Lopez DAMS +80.750secs
14. Fairuz Fauzy DAMS +85.504secs
15. Sergio Hernandez Campos +92.110secs
16. Scott Speed iSport +1 lap
17. Can Artam iSport +1 lap
18. Juan Cruz Alvarez Campos +3 laps [DNF]

Rtd Ernesto Viso BCN 8 laps completed
Rtd Olivier Pla DPR 0 laps completed
Rtd Adam Carroll Super Nova 0 laps completed
Rtd Borja Garcia Racing Engineering 0 laps completed
Rtd Ferdinando Monfardini Durango 0 laps completed
Rtd Alexandre Negrao Hitech Piquet 0 laps completed

Fastest lap:
Scott Speed iSport 1min 44.992secs lap 20

Pole position:
Giorgio Pantano Super Nova 1min 43.862secs

"I was so surprised. I was really pushing in the beginning to get up, and then after a couple of laps it was `you're P3, chill out' so we just considered the gap in the back, I didn't care about the ones in front anymore. I just thought we're third let's stick with that."

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